What is This World Coming To?

September 20, 2012
Does everything in life need to be controlled?


A ”Fond Farewell” Article

When I changed Support4Change to a new format, I needed to delete some articles that didn’t fit in the new site but were too good to completely throw away. So I have moved many of them here to the blog, where they will still be available and people can find them by using tags. Enjoy.



Around Halloween last year I got an email from my sister. She wrote:

Hi siblings —


Yesterday I set out to buy some bittersweet. My previous supply lasted years, and so I stopped at Windmill Market which used to have such items for sale — not much of that type and no bittersweet.

When I was at Michael’s craft store, I checked their bittersweet, but it was so obviously phony that I didn’t buy it. However — while there – I saw the oddest item.

There was a bin labeled “Carvable Pumpkins” and a woman buying several of them. She was explaining to her children, as we stood in the checkout line, that they could carve faces on them – but no mess with the pumpkins getting soft and squishy in a couple weeks.

Here I thought that part of the deal. Evidently life can be controllable??

Some things just aren’t the same anymore.

— Your sis,

P.S. Today I drove by Groby’s garden store and was able to buy real bittersweet cuttings.


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