Learn Two Ways to Improve Relationships

November 12, 2012
How you can get double your money’s worth with two books when you participate in the launch of Dr. Deb Hirschorn’s powerful book

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The Healing if Mutual How to Love a Perfectionist Without Going Crazy

Several months ago, my friend and colleague, Dr. Deb Hirschorn, asked me to participate in the launch of her powerful book, The Healing Is Mutual: Marriage Empowerment Tools to Rebuild Trust and Respect—Together.

Her approach can help heal a marriage so that it can be better than it ever was — and certainly better than it would be if left alone.

She shows how it is possible to fall in love again even when a marriage has gone very much off track. In fact, she goes beyond helping you “save your marriage”  to helping couples fall in love again. So even if your marriage is “okay” — she shows how you can make it better!

Peggy McColl, a New York Times best-selling author and marketing whiz, says that The Healing is Mutual “may be as big as or bigger than Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus– it’s that good and that powerful.”

One of the great things about the launch of The Healing Is Mutual is that more than seventy colleagues and friends of Dr. Deb are offering free bonuses.

I will be contributing my latest book, How to Love a Perfectionist Without Going Crazy to the book’s launch. It will soon be for sale on Support4Change (for only $4.99) – but if you order Dr. Deb’s book (less than the cost of two movie tickets), you’ll get my book for even less — free!

HOWEVER, you can only get ALL of the bonuses on Tuesday, Nov. 13.

But I am going beyond the official  one-day launch to give you a little more time to get my ebook for free.

If you buy Dr. Hirschorn’s book from Amazon from Wednesday to Saturday, and give me the sales number, I will send you my book on living with a perfectionist for free.

On Tuesday, Nov. 13, use this link to take advantage of receiving  dozens of bonus gifts:


From Wednesday, Nov. 14, through Saturday, Nov. 17, use this link to buy Dr. Hirschorn’s book. Send me the receipt number and I’ll send you a link to How to  Love a Perfectionist Without Going Crazy.


Find out why divorce is a rotten option and why you don’t have to have a counselor to start your marriage  over again with the same spouse!

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