Thanks for People Whose Lives Are Unstoppable

November 21, 2012
Watch this poignant and inspiring video about a real-life hero, and take time to reflect on those for whom you are thankful.

It is the day before Thanksgiving and I have a video  called “UNSTOPPABLE” that I’d like you to see.

It shows the tremendous progress made by Taylor Morris, a quadruple amputee who was injured on May 3, 2012, in Afghanistan from an IED blast. To date, he is only the  5th quad amputee to have ever survived— and what a story he has to tell.

After you view it, read the rest of the post to see why I am thankful to many people for making this story available for me to see on the Internet.

In Giving Thanks to People I Don’t Know that I wrote two years ago at Thanksgiving, I said that I am grateful to people I don’t know personally, but who nevertheless help make my life enjoyable and allow me to do what I need to do. They are the people who provide assistance to those who I do know — and help  them so that they can do the job they need to do to help me.

For example, here are some of the illustrations I used in the post:

I give thanks for the farmers who grows the wheat that becomes part of my breakfast, and the people who support them.

I give thanks for the training and skill of pilots, and the people who support the trainers.

I give thanks for flaky Hollywood impersonator street performers who bring a smile to the face of those who pass, and the people who support them.

I give thanks for the teachers who teach in places where they face opposition for educating children, and the people who support them.

Today I want to express thanks for the people who support those who volunteer to serve in the military. You see, since we have an all-volunteer army, many of us do not know anyone who is serving, unlike World War II and the Korean War. We have no direct connection with their  lives.

So when I saw the video above, I was glad to “meet” Taylor  and learn of his courage and “unstoppability” that makes his story so encouraging to others.

I was not only thankful to Taylor for his willingness to serve and his determination to not let his injuries stop him from enjoying life. I was also thankful to those who supported him.

First, I guess I should thank the medical teams that have worked to save him —————- and  those who support them.

Then there is his girlfriend Danielle and I thank her —– and those who support her.

I also thank those who created the video and put it online, like Mel’s Video of the day [], so that I could see it — and those who support those creative people.

If you want to learn more about his story, you can read his blog, written by Danielle, and see the things he is accomplishing that I dare not even attempt with all my limbs.

You can follow more of the story and stay connected with updates at

On this Thanksgiving, as you  give a prayer of thanks, remember to also thank those who support those on whom you rely. I find it’s a great way to realize that I am connected to people all over the world.


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