Video: Tips for a Long and Happy Marriage

December 27, 2012
A couple’s key to a successful marriage.

Bob and I are coming up on our 53rd wedding anniversary on January 2nd. Amazing it has been that long! Some days it seems like only a short while and other days . . . well, we’ve had to work through our issues just like everyone else. But we’ve made it this far and are likely to continue.

If someone were to ask me to what I would attribute our success, I’m not sure I would have a good answer. Luck has something to do with it. Also, we respected one another and were willing to stick around even when there were problems.

In any case, I was amused by the video below of a couple who have been married for more than 72 years. Either they know they are funny or just stumbled onto making a very funny video. In any case, their advice seemed to work for them and maybe it will for you, too.

After you’ve seen the video, I’d love to hear what advice you would give to someone getting married.


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