Does Your Nose Fit Your Face?

January 10, 2013
To what extent are we defined by our physical selves?

Red roseTo write posts that I can schedule for when while I’m writing the second edition of Letting Go of Our Adult Children, I’ve been doing a little research on the Internet for various topics. And I have made a very interesting discovery.

On a wide variety of websites I have come across an inordinate number of ads for a Dr. John Hilinski, Facial Plastic Surgery. A banner with lovely blue background and the side view of a woman’s face carries this statement: “The Nose Defines Our Face. The Proper Approach Creates Facial Harmony.”

Then I went to his website, where I found pictures of extraordinarily beautiful women with “perfect” noses, unblemished skin and white teeth. The pictures of women who had had procedures done looked to me like perfectly fine “ordinary” people in both before and after shots. Not an “ugly” one among them. I would even consider some of them beautiful before the operation.

As I went through the site, I wondered three things.

Is he doing a special ad campaign on lots of websites for his services? Or did I just happen to stumble across his ads on the particular sites I saw today?

Here are at least three I remember: Barnes and Noble, World of Christmas, and Freelang. Actually, there were more, but at first I didn’t think to keep track. And when I returned I noticed the ad was switched on some of them, which is something I do with banners on my own site. So if you want to check the ads they may not be there.

Since Dr. Hilinski practices in San Diego and I am in Los Angeles county, do the websites know that?

Do you agree that our noses define our faces? What about our eyes, mouths, cheekbones, necks, ears, or the combination of all of them?

I have often heard it said that the individual features of Sophia Loren’s face were not classical, but put together the way they were, the result was stunning.

Okay, the truth is that I don’t like my nose, but I am not about to change it for the sake of “facial harmony.” It’s too bad we are told that we aren’t okay if we don’t have the perfect nose, mouth, etc.

 Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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