Introducing Creative Stories About Family and Friends

February 28, 2013
Enrich your connection with others by using a creative story-telling game.

How to Get Children and Grandchildren to Communicate With You IN PERSON

Here you are with your child or grandchild, sitting in a restaurant waiting to order and then waiting for the meal to arrive. And here is your child or grandchild with attention on a hand-held gadget. Any kind. Doesn’t matter. Attention is not on the family.

‘Course you may have your own nose in one of those gadgets as well, but supposing you would like to have a real conversation with the other people at the table.

Here is what you can do. It is an idea based on a game called Creative Stories About Family and Friends that I made up for this past Christmas. You may have learned about it if you subscribe to the newsletter. In any case, this post is an evolution of that idea and one that I hope will encourage children and grandchildren to interact with their parents and grandparents.

What story would you create from the following unrelated information?

 roller skates


Fourth of July

apple  ouch  teepee
neck  piano Italy


“The sun was starting to set and long shadows crept across the ground”


Name of family
member or friend


Name of family
member or friend

This is what I did with those pictures by using my name and my husband’s name:

Arlene loved animals, especially giraffes, because they reminded her to hold her head up and stretch her neck. One day she learned about a most unusual giraffe who lived in a teepee and had always wanted to play a piano. Fortunately, at the Fourth of July parade, her husband Bob was standing next to a man who said he had a piano in Italy that he no longer used. Bob could have it if he wanted to bring it over to the United States.

Unfortunately, that took a lot of money and when the piano was taken off the ship, Bob couldn’t afford to have it trucked all the way to the teepee. Fortunately, Arlene was able to buy a sturdy pair of roller skates and they decided to fasten the piano on the skates and roll it to the teepee.

That was hard work and took many days. When they finally got to where the giraffe lived, the sun was just starting to set and long shadows crept across the ground. They thought of finishing the job the next day, but the giraffe didn’t want to wait any longer, so they pushed and pulled and tugged and finally got the piano through the door. The giraffe was so excited he jumped for joy, banging his head on the sticks at the top and saying “ouch.” Then Arlene, Bob and the giraffe celebrated by each having an apple.

Tell your own creative stories with twice-a-month pictures

Every second and fourth Thursday on the blog I will give you a new set of pictures on a post that you can use to create a story. We will also add each new set of pictures to a page that you can access from the top of the blog under “Creative Stories.”

Then you can print that page and take it with you the next time you go out to a restaurant or someplace where you’d like to engage the younger set for a fun conversion. Alternatively, if you have an iPad or iPhone, you can access the Family and Friends Creative Stories page from the top of the blog.

Here are VERY flexible “rules”

  • Use as many people in your story as you’d like.
  • Decide whether the story-teller has to use every picture or just as many as he or she would like to use.
  • Create a “chain-story” with one person starting the story with one family member or friend and one item from the pictures. Then another person has to continue the story by adding another person and another picture. Keep going until all the pictures have been used or the story has become too complex to continue.
  • Everyone is to tell a different story about with the same cards.
  • Make up your own rules.

Let me know how you have used this game. If you want to share the story, I will print it on the blog.


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