An Informative Poster for Your Superbaby or Super-grandbaby

March 25, 2013
These baby facts are fun and surprising.

Babies truly are incredible! Talk about super human! According to The FamilyCord Website that produced the infographic below:

Super powers aren’t just for comic book heroes anymore. Did you know that your baby [or grand-baby] is capable of incredible feats of strength and sensory intelligence? From the ability to instantly hold their breath under water, to incredibly acute senses of hearing and smell, babies have some serious super powers. Please note: The physical abilities listed below are fun facts – but that is all they are. Please do not attempt to test your baby’s ability to perform any task below. If you have any questions regarding your child’s individual development, please contact your pediatrician directly.

 For a larger view, visit
The FamilyCord Super Baby Facts
Brought To You By FamilyCord


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