5 Star Spiritual Best Seller – A Gift from Support4Change Limited Time!

May 17, 2013
This is the last chance to get a free Kindle book that can help you discover what life may be trying to tell you.

Waking Up: Learning What Your Life is Trying to Teach You
This is just a brief reminder that the last of five days for a FREE Amazon Bestseller . . .

Waking Up: Learning What Your Life is Trying to Tell You by John Earle

. . . will be May 18.

The following reviews give you an idea of what this book can do for you:

“The difference in my existence before reading this book and in where I am today after applying its wisdom and guidance is staggering in a beautiful way.” – James Clem

“John Earle presents this incredibly valuable material in a way that keeps the reader excited to go on, to learn more and to work to become more conscious. What strikes me the most is the way we, as readers, are able to immediately apply what is written to our lives.” – Arthur Rose

“John Earle’s Waking Up has earned a place on the top shelf of my bookcase, right between Joseph Murphy’s Power of the Subconscious Mind and Eckart Tolle’s Power of Now and A New Earth because of the powerful and practical methods it provides for opening the heart and raising consciousness. I’ve made Waking Up my morning reading habit …both literally and figuratively. It is at the top of my recommended reading list to those I care about.” — Penny Ripple

If these ideas resonate with you, you only have another day to receive this book at no cost.

Waking Up: Learning What Your Life is Trying to Tell You, for absolutely FREE from Amazon — for FIVE DAYS ONLY. May 14 to May 18.

Here is the link for the free book: http://wakingupkindle.weebly.com/


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