Step Into Pictures — Breaking Dawn

May 30, 2013

. . . A New Perspective on Relationships
Number 8

Join a friend at the beginning of the day and enter a place
with all kinds of possibilities for improved relationships.


Ladder leading to pictureThis post is part of the “Step Into Pictures” series that offers you a new way to explore both difficult relationships and those you treasure. Visit the Step Into Pictures Archive to learn more about it.


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Breaking Dawn by Lynn Fearman
Breaking Dawn by Lynn Fearman

Step into this picture now, or continue reading to learn more about it . . .

The second picture in the series of Step Into Pictures was a vibrant sunset over Lake Päijänne at Sysmä, Finland. In writing about the picture, I said that I liked both sunrises and sunsets, each for different reasons. [See Step Into Pictures — Finland.]

So far, I have only given you that one sunset picture, but will give you many more. However, now I want to share a sunrise painting by my friend, Lynne Fearman.

I like this piece not only because it is a sunrise and a well done, but for two other reasons as well.

First, it has a lot of blues and I like blue. In fact, I liked the blues so much in this picture that I made the matting blue. Of course, the color in the rest of the room would help determine whether this much blue was appropriate, but I like to imagine that this painting would hang someplace where this deep blue would work.

I have not been trained in framing and perhaps someone else would choose a different way to frame this picture. The color in the rest of the room would play a role, of course, but just imagine this would be someplace where this deep blue would be appropriate.

The second reason I chose the picture was because the clouds are a bit ambiguous. I would like to think that when the sun rises higher in the sky that it will lighten the dark woods and turn the meadow into a bright place to stroll, a lovely place for having a conversation.

In my interpretation of the picture, the purple clouds will slowly fade into greys and whites, or perhaps burn away and disappear altogether. On the other hand, you may suspect that the clouds portend a rainy day and you’ll have a wet walk in the woods.

Depending on the kind of day you think this picture will turn into may affect the conversation you want to have with the person you invite into the scene. In fact, when you first enter the picture with your friend, you might want to talk about the way you sometimes — perhaps often — see the same thing in a different ways.

If you tend to be a bit pessimistic about life and relationships, perhaps this time, as you enter into an experiment in communication, you may want to choose to be positive, and join Little Annie is acknowledging that the sun will come out tomorrow for your relationship.

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