Step Into Pictures – Balloon Ride

June 28, 2013

. . . A New Perspective on Relationships
Number 10

Would you be interested in sharing a balloon ride over a hilly landscape with a friend and discussing your relationship? Or would rather stay on the ground and watch other people take go on an adventure?


Ladder leading to pictureThis post is part of the “Step Into Pictures” series that offers you a new way to explore both difficult relationships and those you treasure. Visit the Step Into Pictures Archive to learn more about it.


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Balloon Ride
Balloons soaring over the hills in Southern
California in the Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival

Step into this picture now, or continue reading to learn more about it . . .

 There are four kinds of people when it comes to balloon rides. First there are those who have been up in a balloon and are thrilled to have had the experience. Second are the people who haven’t yet flown and want to take a ride. Third are those who have taken the trip and are sorry they did. Fourth are those who have no desire to experience the land receding beneath them.

If you are in the first two categories, you may want to invite a friend or family member to join you for the 31st Annual Temecula Balloon and Wine Festival on Memorial weekend in 2014. The website notes that:

The Temecula Valley Balloon & Wine Festival offers top-name entertainment, wine tasting in the Wine Garden, Kids Faire, Arts & Crafts and Commercial exhibits and the Food Court. Wine tasting features different premium wines from numerous Temecula Valley wineries as well as others from Southern California.

Enjoy a memorable experience and book a hot air balloon flight. Your journey will begin at sunrise as the balloon lifts gently into the sapphire skies above Lake Skinner.

Here are some of the Festival Spectator Tips:

  • Dress in layers. It is sometimes very cool in the morning, but once the sun has risen, it warms up considerably.
  • Bring lots of sunscreen. Temecula’s bright sunshine and reflections can produce painful sunburn. Shade tents will be available for temporary relief.
  • Bring insect repellent. It is important to have the repellent with you to keep the insects away.
  • Bring appropriate eye protection.
  • DON’T SMOKE anywhere near the hot air balloons. A lit cigarette could ignite a balloon’s fuel tank.
  • Watch where you walk and drive. Do not drive and watch at the same time as balloon chase vehicles make sudden stops. If you are walking on fields, please avoid stepping on balloon canopies and ropes.
  • For the balloon glow, the balloons will be tethered and held down with heavy ropes. They will ignite their burners and glow to the beat of the music. Be careful that you don’t walk or trip over the ropes in the dark.
  • Enjoy the glowing balloons from a safe distance. Children and adults should stay a reasonable distance away from the balloons. The operators will be very busy providing a wondrous show for our guests.

We didn’t return for the evening “balloon glow,” but I am sure it would have been spectacular.

If you can’t attend the real festival, imagine you are in a basket taking a picture of the other balloons as I was in 2004. Incidentally, if you’ve never been in a hot air balloon, you may not realize that it isn’t a completely quiet ride; the gas burner blasts hot flames to heat the air and make the balloon rise. Then it is quiet to allow the balloon to fall gently and ride the currents.

If you imagine you are in a balloon watching the other balloons rising with you, what you would say to someone you invite along? Would the view help you converse more easily?

However, if you are terribly angry with someone and if you imagine that you may want to toss them overboard, perhaps you may want to choose another step-in-pictures photo that won’t land you in jail.

Below is my favorite photo of the day. It shows us passing over another balloon as I leaned over the side and looked down.

Balloon Festival

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