Would You Join a Virtual Choir?

July 22, 2013

This wonderful choir shows how many disparate people can create one beautiful voice.


On June 24, the blog post asked the question, “Would You Dance and Sing in Public?” In describing Matthew “Matt” Harding’s dancing and singing tour of the world, I said I would only do it if the group were large enough to hide my inability to either dance or sing.
Today my answer to the question of whether I would join a virtual choir is absolutely no. I would never expose the choir to my lack of talent.
The video I highlight in this post is a twist on the theme of the earlier post. Rather than having a composer travel the world to find singers who will join him, live, on stage, Eric Whitacre creates “Virtual Choir” videos. In these videos, singers from around the world and from ages 6 to 98 record his compositions and — through the marvel of the Internet and lots of work — bring his compositions to life.
I first heard about Eric Whitacre on the TED video below.


Today, in the 4th Virtual Choir piece, there were 8,409 videos submitted featuring 5,905 singers from 101 countries. More and more people are attracted to this form of creative classical music.
I encourage you to visit Whitacre’s website and read the stories of singers who learned, rehearsed, and hummed their part in the creation of some of the most beautiful songs you’ll hear on the Internet.

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