Two Days Til Moving Out

November 14, 2013
 If you live in the same house for almost fifty years, expect to sort through a lot of stuff when you downsize.

If you have not done so, I recommend you read the first posts in this series on the changes that happen to all of us at one time or another:
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When I write a blog post, I like to have time to gather my thoughts. Time is in short supply today.

I have to go through the kitchen and sort the things I want to take to the retirement community, Villa Gardens in Pasadena. Most of the rest of the house has been gone through once, but a review of decisions is necessary.

Tomorrow the ladies from Gentle Transitions come and pack everything up. The following day, Friday, the movers come and take everything with a green sticker. By the way, Gentle Transitions is a service that helps people downsize — usually seniors, which may be why they have “gentle” in their name, since we old folks need all the gentleness we can get.

The house we leave behind will still be filled with a large number of things that either we can’t fit into the apartment or we are giving to our children.

Arranging all this has been quite a project.

Fortunately, we’ve gotten great help from our children. Our youngest daughter was here from  Oct. 6 to the 23rd and guided us through some of the ordeals with hospital stays for both my husband and myself. Then our oldest daughter came exactly a month later, Nov. 6,  and will leave on the 23rd. Both have been extremely helpful in getting us through this process of moving. And the day after our oldest daughter leaves, our youngest son will come and arrange for things to go to those who have spoken for certain items.

Today our oldest son comes with his wife and they will remove things from the attic, almost all of which will be tossed.

If I have the time, I’ll ask one of my children to take a picture. Wish me luck in getting it uploaded.

After we and all the things we want are out of the house, a company will come in and arrange to sell or give away what is left.

After that there is the cleaning up and staging of the house for sale in January.

Last night my daughter suggested a tradition in which people move every two years. That way they will discard all the stuff they really don’t need. In fact, they could move back into the same house, but they will accumulate less because they can toss it when it has filled it’s purpose.

Time to have breakfast and get to work.

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