December 11, 2013


This is Renee, Arlene’s webmaster, Gal Friday, and good friend.

For anyone who has read Arlene’s blog lately, it is apparent that this year has been a time of many big changes for Arlene. She has shared her struggles with a chronic nerve disorder (cervical dystonia) and now her husband Bob’s leukemia diagnosis here on the blog. (for more, please read: Life Happens When You Are Busy Making Other PlansA Pain in the Neck in More Ways Than One, and A Long Life Isn’t Always Possible) Recently, she and Bob have moved from their home of more than 40 years to a local retirement community.

Because of the tumult in her life, for the first time in about 14 years, Arlene and I have not been in almost daily communication about the Support4Change website, the blog, her books, or the other many irons she has always had in the fire. (Really, her varied interests and abilities are quite remarkable.) Last week, we were finally able to catch up, and she asked me to share a brief update with you.

She is settling in to her new home, doing the things we all do when we first move into a new place: discovering what she forgot to bring, buying new housewares, and finding the quirks of her new place. However, much of this has been a distant second to ensuring that her husband Bob recovers enough from a recent health crisis to be able to move from the nearby rehabilitation facility to their new apartment. Walker-proofing the home (no area rugs, bathroom safety equipment, etc.) has led to new considerations.

Once things are settled a little more with her new life, Arlene is hoping to blog about some of the challenges and experiences of moving to a retirement community and changing health issues. Please stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Change

  1. I wish I understood why transitioning is so scary. I guess I get comfortable as things “are”. I don’t think “well, I will change my world sometime soon”. With a son in Afganistan, I have GOT to adjust to uncertainty but it’s not fun. Bob would not be pleased that days are admittedly, not fun sometimes. Letting go of SUTUATIONS and letting other things IN is complex. Remembering to experience fun is a challenge every day. Bob I am trying! I will always remember you as a sort if surrogate father figure since mine was gone.


  2. Patricia,

    You aren’t the only one who finds that transitions can be scary. We all are comfortable with the way things are – until we are no longer comfortable because someone or something is forcing us to change. If you think you’re the only one for whom change is a problem, perhaps knowing you aren’t alone can help.

    Look at my article on “Your Next Stage of Growth” and the lessons the nautilus teaches us. You can find it at

    Good luck.


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