Something you may have missed

January 23, 2014
 Enjoy this “classic” post from the Support4Change blog.

Please stay tuned. Later in the week, Arlene will be posting an update on what is going on with her and Bob. She will also have some thought-provoking insights about family life, compartmentalization, and terminal illness.

Arlene has been active on the internet providing helpful articles and inspiration for over 15 years. She has been blogging since 2006, and written over 350 posts. There are so many gems hidden among the archives, that I wanted to share some of them with you. Each week I will feature one post that you really shouldn’t miss. They cover a range of topics, and span the last 7 years.

–Renee Payan Wong
Webmaster, Support4Change

Sanburu men doing a jump dance in Kenya.

Is Your Compassion Unstoppable? —May 18, 2011

Will you allow your compassion to slow down in the face of the world’s challenges?



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