Tribute to a Life Well Lived: Words on a Mountain Top

July 7, 2014
 A fitting farewell for Bob.

This is fourth in a series of four articles about the celebration this spring of my husband’s life. The other articles are:


If you scatter the ashes of someone affiliated with a church, you can use familiar hymns or scripture during the ceremony. However, my husband was not religious and we weren’t certain what to do when we scattered his ashes on Mount Wilson, in the hills he loved to hike.

Fortunately, my brother John, who had been a minister in the Lutheran church, wrote a piece that perfectly expressed what we wanted to say in this ceremony.

I share this in case you ever have to say something when giving the final good-byes as you scatter ashes. Perhaps these words would give you an idea of what to say.

This weekend we have come together to treasure and remember the life of Robert Leland Harder – husband and father, grandfather and kin, great intellect and playful comic, lover of trains and mountain trail warrior.

During his lifetime, Bob walked along many a technical pathway, creating solutions that still impact the world. He also trudged over many mountain pathways, like the trail beside us and next to this majestic Ponderosa.

It seems fitting to deliver his ashes to this mountain, to his second home, where he can become part of the life of these surroundings for future generations to enjoy.

John Fabian, Brother-in-law
April 20, 2014

One thought on “Tribute to a Life Well Lived: Words on a Mountain Top

  1. I regret not having known Bob. He was obviously a remarkable man, and he and Arlene were obviously a remarkable couple. The account she has written of their life together is touching and inspiring, a beautiful illustration of that much talked of but rarely experienced phenomenon, true love,

    Ed Bliss


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