Questions for You and Your Friends: Heaven, Hell and Life After Death

Expand relationships by asking yourself questions about religion and spirituality

This World is not Conclusion.
A Sequel stands beyond —
Invisible, as Music —
But positive, as Sound.

—Emily Dickinson

♦ • ♦ • ♦

I think the resurrection of the body, unless much improved in construction, a mistake.

—Evelyn Underhill

Explore other quotations on heaven, hell, and life after death. And then, ask yourself questions on these topics. Share your answers with your friends, and as you do, notice if there is something you haven’t thought of before.

If there is whistling in the great beyond, I’ll kill myself.

—Jean Stafford

♦ • ♦ • ♦

Millions long for immortality who do not know what to do with themselves on a rainy Sunday afternoon.

—Susan Ertz

♦ • ♦ • ♦

I think immortality is the passing of a soul through many lives or experiences, and such as are truly lived, used, and learned, help on to the next, each growing richer, happier and higher, carrying with it only the real memories of what has gone before.

—Louisa May Alcott

♦ • ♦ • ♦

If we really believed that those who are gone from us were as truly alive as ourselves, we could not invest the subject with such awful depth of gloom as we do.  If we would imbue our children with distinct faith in immortality we should never speak of people as dead, but as passed into another world. We should speak of the body as a cast-off garment, which the wearer had outgrown, consecrated indeed by the beloved being that used it for a season, but of no value within itself.

—Lydia Maria Child

Suggested Method for Exploring Questions About Your Perspective on Heaven, Hell and Life After Death

  1. Carefully consider the questions below and notice how your answers help or hinder your experience of life.
  2. Share the questions and your answers with friends and/or family members.
  3. Ask them to share their answers with you.
  4. Notice how their answers may be the same as, or different than yours.
  5. Notice how the answers both of you give have expanded your understanding of yourself and of the other person.

How Do You View the Concepts of Heaven, Hell, and Life After Death?

  1. What do I believe about heaven, hell and life after death? Why?
  2. How did I develop my concepts?
  3. Where do I go to find the answer to what will happen after death? Do I believe anyone knows? If so, why do I believe that source?
  4. When a friend or family member has strong opinions on the subject and I disagree with them, how does that affect my feelings toward them?

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