Six Rules for a More Peaceful Life — Part Two

August 11, 2014

Discover the qualities of friendship and share them with the people you know.

One year ago I wrote a piece called Rules for a Peaceful Life, Part One with twelve “rules” that could make your life more harmonious and tranquil. In that post I said I would bring you another twelve in 2014.

However, I really don’t like lists that have more suggestions than I can remember easily, especially if I am supposed to actually do something about them. So today I’m going to give you only six from a list compiled by that famous Anonymous.

First, I want to give you several suggestions for how you can have a good chance of putting at least one of the ideas into action — and how you can help a friend also create a more peaceful life.

  • Begin by reading all six of the rules for a more peaceful life. That’s not too many for you to explore, is it?
  • Decide which one you need to do (and are willing to do) in order for your life to be simpler, gentler, more easygoing, more restful. You could choose more than one, but we change our ways very slowly and if you give yourself too many things to change at once, you may feel defeated before you begin.
  • Explore how you will actually put that suggestion into practice — this step is very important, because otherwise the “rule” becomes just one more thing you tell yourself you “ought” to do — but then you return back to your stressful life
  • Send a link of this post to one or two friends and tell them what you plan to do. You have a better chance of reaching your goal for a more peaceful life if you share with someone your intention to change.

Here, then, are six ideas that can make your life more peaceful.

1. Rest on your laurels. They bring comfort whatever their size, age, or condition.

Are you so focused on going and going and going that you can’t appreciate what you have already accomplished?

2. Talk slower. Talk less. Don’t talk. Communication isn’t measured by words.

As someone whose nickname as a child was “Breeze,” this has been the most difficult for me to put into practice. But whenever I can manage to sit back and let others do the talking, it’s amazing what I learn and how much my need to be recognized becomes less important.

3. Give yourself permission to be late sometimes. Life is for living, not scheduling.

Do you let the clock control your life?

4. Listen to the song of a bird; the complete song.

Music and nature are gifts, but only if you are willing to receive them. The next time you notice a bird singing, pay careful attention and let your heart slow down.

5. Take time just to think. Action is good and necessary, but it’s fruitful only if we muse, ponder, and mull.

You have already taken a step toward a more tranquil life with your willingness to reflect on these suggestions and choose to put one into action.

6. Make time for play, for the things you like to do. Whatever your age, your inner child needs re-creation.

As part of my determination to slow down and let my body heal itself, every night I watch something on my iPad, mostly movies. I’ve seen several lately that are delightful and I find myself completely immersed in the story, miles away from the feeling that I need to “do” something.


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