Buildings That Don’t Look Like Buildings

September 11, 2014
 Enjoy a slideshow of unconventional architecture.


Chicago Art Institute Modern Wing
Chicago Art Institute Modern Wing
Tomorrow I am going to Chicago for a Road Scholar Program. This is an organization that provides learning experiences around the world for adults who are adventuresome, curious, and want to be life-long learners.

The program I am attending is called “The Art of Empires” at the Art Institute of Chicago. We will be studying how artists respond to the imperial aspirations of great nations. For example, we’ll look at the roles that art and artists played in the civilizations of the ancient world.

Since their first programs that began at five colleges and universities in New Hampshire in 1975, today’s Road Scholar programs include an extraordinary range of topics, formats and locations in every state in the U.S., in 150 countries, and aboard ships and sailing vessels on waterways throughout the world.

So far I’ve attended eight Road Scholar programs, five of which were “intergenerational,” allowing us to experience something different and special with our grandchildren.

A Lighter Touch for Today

While I am getting ready to leave tomorrow for my program, I have scheduled something a little special. I found it recently when I went through some old notes and came across these fifteen buildings that don’t look like buildings.

My favorite is the Kansas City Public Library.


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