A Sunset in Canada Offers a New Perspective on Relationships

September 25, 2014


Ladder leading to pictureThis post is part of the “Step Into Pictures” series that offers you a new way to explore both difficult relationships and those you treasure. Visit the Step Into Pictures Archive to learn more about it.

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A striking sunset over the Fraser River near Coquitlam, Canada
 A striking sunset over the Fraser River near Coquitlam, Canada

When looking for a sunset picture on Wikimedia Commons, I was attracted to this picture by Chad Teer for two reasons.

One is the color of the sunset. Wouldn’t that be a great background to share old times with a friend or gently discuss disagreements with someone who might soften their disagreements under the influence of that sky?

The other reason I liked this picture was because the foreground offered a puzzle. Since the picture was taken on October 14, 2004, I wondered if the posts were part of docks or a boardwalk used by summer vacationers that have been flooded by autumn rains. And what is the photographer standing on when he took this photo, since the water seems to come almost up to the front of the photo?

A picture that is ambiguous can be just as lovely as one that requires a bit of thought, of course. But have you ever visited a museum and come away with impressions of a painting that required you to think a bit? That’s what this picture does for me.

Also, the startling orange color would make a great picture for a room that needed something to perk it up.

All and all, it seemed like a good candidate for a sunset picture in this “Step Into Pictures” series.

Photo at http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Sunset_in_Coquitlam.jpg

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