Architecture Tour Offers a New Perspective on Relationships

This post originally appeared on this blog on October 20, 2014. Due to a server failure, it was lost, so it is reposted here.


Ladder leading to pictureThis post is part of the “Step Into Pictures” series that offers you a new way to explore both difficult relationships and those you treasure. Visit the Step Into Pictures Archive to learn more about it.

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Tourists on Chicago River Architectural Tour
                          Tourists on Chicago River Architectural Tour

Recently I went to the Art Institute of Chicago for a program put on by Road Scholar, an organization that promotes life-long learning all over the world on hundreds of topics. This program explored the way in which art reflects the empires in which they are created.

The day before the program, I took a wonderful 90-minute ride on the Chicago River presented by the Chicago Architecture Foundation and learned why Chicago is world-renowned for its buildings.

If you had a friend, or someone with whom you have had a bit of a problem, in your mind’s eye you could take a tour with him or her on this boat. Just imagine what you could talk about both during the tour and later.

Incidentally, although this picture has my name on it and is, in a sense, mine, I’m not really that good a painter. However, one of the women in the program told me about FotoSketcher, a free program that turns photos into watercolors, oil paintings, pastel sketches, etc. I will be using it for many future Step Into Picture posts. It makes me feel so talented, even though the real talent comes David Thoiron who created the photo-to-art program.

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