Take a Graffiti Break from Holiday Pressure

Take a quick (or not so quick!) break and enjoy this imaginative art.

3DToday is an excellent example of why some posts take longer to write than others. I blame it all on my brother and Google.

Recently he sent me an email with buildings and sidewalks painted with realistic 3D images of everything from people to boats. I thought they would give you a chance to slow down — just for a few minutes — and think of something other than what you have to do in this busy season. The work will still be there, but you’ll be more relaxed when you return to it.

The problem was that the pictures he sent me were in an email and didn’t include the source. So naturally I headed to Google. Put in “3D art on buildings” and got 102,000 results, of which I’ll share four.

1. On a website in England, you can see several incredibly lifelike scenes that are huge works of art painted on the side of perfectly intact buildings and flat walls. They were created by John Pugh, who specializes in trompe l’oeil or “trick of the eye” art and says that, “It seems almost universal that people take delight in being visually tricked.”


2. You’ll see “12 Most Amazing Buildings With 3D Facades” on the ODDEE website:


3. Since some of the graffiti in my brother’s email incorporated trees into the design, I googled “graffiti using trees” and came up with:


4. If you like sidewalk art in which a 3-dimensional optical illusion is achieved by viewing it from a certain perspective, try this site.


Needless to say, I took a lot of time visiting many sites but eventually settled on these.

Enjoy your 3D art break.

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