Spectacular Images of Our Spectacular Sun

SDO 5 year mosaic
I’m in the process of putting together several months of future blogs to make time for a trip to Portugal in April. Then I plan to create imagery videos this spring and summer; they’ve been on my to-do list far too long to put them off again.

My assistant will upload the posts for the days they are scheduled. In that way I can be sure you will find something new here twice each week.

However, I’m postponing the post about Groucho Marx that was scheduled for today (it will appear in May) because I’ve just seen a video that is so absolutely stunning I want you to see it as soon as possible. It expresses the theme of both blog and website, namely, to “Enrich Your Life and Enrich Your Relationships.” I can’t imagine what could be more enriching than to see the sun in all its glory.

Click on the picture, sit back and relax in the glow of the sun that allows life to flourish on the earth. It was captured by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory with an image taken more than once per second for five years! Enjoy!!

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