Practical Spirituality in Relationships

Live your life as an act of spiritual love.

This is the second post of advice from Opening To Love 365 Days A Year by Judith Sherven, PhD, and James Sniechowski, PhD. Reprinted with permission.

We must stop to observe ourselves before we make decisions or take action, in order to determine whether we were acting from a position of fear and our need to be in control, or from a place of love where we did what was right for everyone involved.

— Jim Britt


More and more people want the experience of spirituality in their lives. But what does that mean? The simplest definition makes it something you can experience every day. When you are conscious of other people’s lives having just as much value as yours, when you realize that everyone of us was created by the same Source, then you are in the expansive awareness called spiritual.

When you live your marriage and love your spouse as a daily meditation on practical spirituality, you make choices and express yourself according to what is best for both of you. You realize that you are an instrument of God’s abundance and to give is spiritual grace. You receive what is given you, because to reject the gift, would be to reject the Hand of God.

COMMIT TO LOVING AS A GIFT TO YOU BOTH, a gift of practical spirituality to All That Is.

Reinforce today’s ideas by saying this to yourself:

Loving my spouse is practical spirituality.

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