Give a Gift That Was Lost

Last year I saw a video about a little boy in Omaha who lost his greatly loved blue monkey on a vacation. Then it turned out that his mother found the toy several years later on Ebay: She recognized several distinctive markings when it was offered for sale from someone in Florida.

So she bought it and gave it to her son, who was overwhelmed at seeing it again. He clutched the stuffed animal to his chest and said that it had been gone so long that he had forgotten what it looked like — but he had not forgotten the connection he felt with this precious toy.

The short video below clearly demonstrates the value of receiving something you thought you would never see again. So if you have a friend who has lost something that was very valuable and treasured, perhaps you might make a special effort to find it and give a most wonderful gift.

What a great pleasure it would be if you could locate something that seemed lost forever.

As I write these words, I realize they apply not only to a physical object. There is also the very special gift of forgiveness and reconnection with someone who thought your friendship was lost forever. Do you know anyone who would like to have you back in his or her life?

One thought on “Give a Gift That Was Lost

  1. I would like to purchase your book, “Letting Go of Our Adult Children, When What We Do is Never Enough.” Where/how may I purchase it in paperback?
    – Carole Wampole


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