Beginning the Work of Becoming Yourself

Some words of wisdom about choosing
who you are over choosing perfection

04-09-15 - Anna Quindlen GIF

The meaning of Anna Quinlen’s words is very clear to me because this is how I’ve become myself — finally!

As a practicing perfectionist for many years, I struggled and struggled to be what I thought I was supposed to be — perfect. In the process I lost myself and it was only after I gave up that goal and became a recovering perfectionist was I able to discover how wonderful it feels to be me.

Now I’m not so afraid to let people see both my flaws and my good points; and they seem to like me better this way.

In my e-book, How To Love a Perfectionist Without Really Trying, you can see what it was like for my husband before I became less of a perfectionist and more comfortable with myself. You might also want to read my other posts about Perfectionism.

This is the second in a series of quotations that are well worth repeating, so pass this along to friends and family if you know someone who needs encouragement to give up perfectionism.

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