When Your Get-Up-And-Go Has Gone

A few ideas for how to put that spring back into your step.

Prunus dulcis LC0009

Have you reached the spring doldrums yet? Can’t seem to make any progress on what you needs to be done because your energy has deserted you?

I have a suggestion.

Read my post, Common Sources of Vitality.

There you will discover that your breath, food, physical activity, sleep, ordinary daily activities, and love and friendship are readily-available sources of strength and energy; especially if you pay attention to how they affect your body.

Also, you will find mini-exercises like the ones below that can reinforce your body’s healing mechanisms, improve your mental faculties, and lift your spirit — all while sitting quietly for a few minutes each day in order to focus on these natural sources of energy. When you do, the mind-body connection kicks in and energy begins to flow.

After you have done an exercise, allow an image to form of the power of that energy. This will reinforce whatever you experience when doing the mini-exercise.

The power of breath

Close your eyes and allow your body to feel renewed and strengthened by the oxygen that is brought so gently and easily into your lungs as you breathe — and by the breath’s ability to remove carbon dioxide and other airborne waste from your body. And then, to strengthen this small but important exercise, what image or symbol could you use to remember the gift of breath?

The power of sleep

Close your eyes and imagine that you are sleeping at night or taking a nap during the day and allow yourself to see, or to sense, all the various systems of your body using that period of rest and relaxation to bring your body back into balance, to restore the energies that get depleted when you are awake and active.

The power of love and friendship

Imagine that you are surrounded by all the people who love you and who send you caring energy. . . . Allow an image to form that symbolizes the healing power that comes from each one of them.

Here’s to getting more energy by focusing on how your body uses the sources of energy and vitality you need.

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