Are You an Active Perfectionist or a Recovering Perfectionist?

These questions may help determine at what level of
perfectionism you [or someone you love] are.

I am pleased to say that over a period of years I have evolved from an active perfectionist to one who is recovering as well as I can.

How about you? Since my life has become so much more enjoyable in the process, I want to encourage anyone who even suspects she may be a perfectionist — or has been told that she is — to take a self-test. (Of course, most perfectionists don’t see their perfectionism as a problem for themselves, but trust me, it is.)

Designed by a recovering perfectionist (that’s me), these questions can give you a perspective on the topic that you may not have had.

Here are a few sample questions to ask yourself. Pay particular attention to the “why” of your answer. When you are done, finish taking the Perfectionist Self-Test to learn how to “score” it.

Do I like to prove my value as a person by showing others I am totally competent at some task? [yes/no]

Do I attempt to enhance my position at work or with others by pursuing tasks and making certain others know who well I have done? [yes/no]
If so, why do I think this is so?
If not, why not?

Do I tend to believe that others want me to achieve something well and that they have high standards for me even if they don’t say it?

The last sentence of the test says: And if you got a really high score, I want you to know that being a “recovering” perfectionist is much more fun, and actually more productive, than being a “practicing” perfectionist.

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