Diversions, Number 5: Puns in Honor of My Husband

Diversions for You and Your Friends is a feature of the blog, which appears every Monday. To find out more about Diversions, read the Introduction and Number 1.

05 - Puns - Past, present and futureToday you will find a new format for the Diversions for You and Your Friends card that is designed for printing. The form of the card I send every Monday that is to be read online remains the same.

However, recently, someone for whom I’ve been sending cards said that one of the things she most appreciates is that I include her name. She feels as though I have written it for her, and haven’t just sent something that everyone else would get. She knows I also send that same card to others, but because I include a short note to her, it feels more personal.

This made me think that perhaps the card that I’ve designed needs space for you to write a few words. So, I have left space at the beginning of the card that you can use to personalize the card with a few thoughts of your own.

Let me know how this works for you.

This week’s Diversions for You and Your Friends is “Puns in Honor of My Husband.” You can use this Diversion several ways.

1. Read “Puns in Honor of My Husband” or forward this PDF for a friend to read in his or her browser.

2. Print the PDF and send it to someone. I print my cards on both sides of an 8.5” x 11” paper. Then I fold that in half and put it into a 6” x 9” envelope. (You could also just print it out and cut it into four pages, which are numbered, staple them together, and fit them into in a business-sized envelope.)

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