Diversion Number 23: What Happened to Her Head?

Diversions for You and Your Friends is a feature of the blog, which appears every Monday. To find out more about Diversionsread the Introduction and Number 1, or you can visit the Diversions Archive.

The dictionary defines diversion as “an activity that diverts the mind from tedious or serious concerns, a recreation or pastime.” That has been the purpose of the posts that I’ve given you every Monday since the middle of February—with the exception of August and the first two weeks of September.

Now I am starting a new plan for Mondays (although sometimes they may get postponed to Tuesdays for one reason or another). These are primarily posts based on emails I’ve received. I suspect you will find in them almost as much to divert you as the ones I’ve created myself, or maybe even more.

23 - image

For example, in today’s diversion I share the work of a makeup artist named Mirjana Kika Milosevic from Serbia who has uploaded a video that is almost too incredible to comprehend. Her work of art uses makeup to create an insane optical illusion. I think a little blood may have been even more effective, but this is still amazing.

Watch this video and discover a mind-boggling illusion.

Hope this brings some laughter and a diversion from any problems you may have today.

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