Diversion Number 26: The Brains Behind the Longest TV Broadcast Ever

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Televison Hungarian ORION 1957.jpg

If you were told that there was an eight-hour TV show of salmon fishing, or a seven-hour train ride, or 60 hours of a choir singing hymns, you would have bet it would be a major disaster. You would be wrong. At least in Norway.

Tired of the lighting fast, hyper-cut action of modern day television? Slow TV might be more your speed. The brainchild of Thomas Hellum and several colleagues at the Norwegian Broadcasting Company, Slow TV features hours (sometimes days) of uninterrupted programming. And as it turns out, these broadcasts are really popular. So kick back, unwind, and grab a BIG bowl of popcorn if you want to watch Slow TV.
The Big Story

Of course, I don’t imagine you are in the mood for such a show in its full version. But I don’t intend to send you to one of these shows. However, I think you may find the brief (3 minutes, 49 seconds) description of how the idea was created as interesting as I do. Although I had seen something about this on a video a year or so ago, I lost the source. Then I recently came across it on one of my favorite websites, The Great Big Story.

I bring it to you today with just a brief description of how the idea was created. You may find it as interesting as I do.

I hope this diversion helps you create a little
peace, joy, health, and love in your life

Television photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons,
by TakkkOwn work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

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