What Do You Remember About the Fifties?

A nostalgic look back at the Fifties.

I imagine that every now and then you get emails with pictures from the past. If they are from the 19th century, you may have a new insight into historical events you have only heard about. If they are from the 20th century, but before you were old enough to experience them, they can help you understand events your parents and grandparents talked about.

However, when videos and photos are about events you have experienced, it can be amusing to see how foolish we were, how unsophisticated, how blind to injustice, how willing to accept political certainties. Life certainly seemed simpler back then.

Today, I bring you a video titled “Lost in the Fifties — Another Time, Another Place.”

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Can You Keep a Straight Face on a Trapeze?

Take a break and enjoy this charming and funny video.

I imagine that your reaction to the question in the title of this post is either: absolutely not, I would be terrified or, if I could pull it off, I would be grinning from ear to ear.

Well, this couple gives away nothing as you watch them do their routine with a total lack of expression on their faces. Read More

A Lot Happened the Year You Were Born


Take a quick break back to the year that you were born.

Here is another post in a lighter vein.

Every once-in-awhile I read a piece on Jack Frost (a humor blog out of England) that I want to pass on because I think we all need a little humor in our lives.

This one was posted in 2012 with the following:


Have your glasses on and follow the instructions below.

You’ll be pleasantly surprised with this one…

Type the year only!!

Then click the question (?) mark!

Sit back and enjoy! 

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Take a Graffiti Break from Holiday Pressure

Take a quick (or not so quick!) break and enjoy this imaginative art.

3DToday is an excellent example of why some posts take longer to write than others. I blame it all on my brother and Google.

Recently he sent me an email with buildings and sidewalks painted with realistic 3D images of everything from people to boats. I thought they would give you a chance to slow down — just for a few minutes — and think of something other than what you have to do in this busy season. The work will still be there, but you’ll be more relaxed when you return to it.

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How Politically Correct Will You Be This Season?

What role does political correctness
play during the holidays?

Political correctness or “PC” is “the attitude or policy of being careful not to offend or upset any group of people in society who are believed to have a disadvantage.”

Since we are all minorities in one way or another, or disadvantaged in one way or another, we can twist ourselves into knots trying not to offend someone and at the same time expressing ourselves honestly.

Some cartoons I recently came across showed how easy it is to offend someone when we are simply trying to wish others well during this season — a time that is intended to be more peaceful and to bring people together.

Here are three I particularly liked.


In the first panel of a comic strip a smiling woman wishes a man “Happy Holidays.” In response he smiles and says “Merry Christmas.”

In the next panel she is a little annoyed and with a frown says, “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” and he says “MERRY CHRISTMAS.”

In the next panel she shouts “HAPPY *#&!! HOLIDAYS!” He shouts, “MERRY @&$#*! CHRISTMAS!”

In the final panel they are fighting each other on the ground under a banner proclaiming “Peace on Earth.”

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