Growth and Transformation

This article originally appeared on the Support4Change website, and is reposted here.

What can you do to gain the most from your experience of loss? Here are several ideas.

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Change from the attitude that you are a victim.

Years ago I attended an “est” seminar. While I wouldn’t recommend the program to anyone if it were still around today, there were a few lessons I found valuable. One of them came from a talk about being either the cause of your life or operating as though you have no choice other than being the effect of what others do to you. Without expanding that idea into a New Age “you-create-everything-in-life and you’re-responsible-for-all-your-pain” philosophy, you do hold the power to make a choice of how you respond to the situation in which you find yourself. Read More

Transformation Now! (or maybe later) 

Explore how we progress toward change by negotiating five discrete stages, from our “comfort zone” to a place where we are able to maintain momentum for change.

In the January/February 2002 edition of Psychotherapy Networker there is an article by the name I’ve given this title. It appeared in a feature called “From Research to Practice” and discussed a large cross-sectional study of 3,000 people. What they found was very interesting. We generally do not enter therapy to actively resolve our problems, reduce our symptoms and retool our lives. Rather, we tend to negotiate five discrete stages as we progress toward change. Read More