Growth and Transformation

This article originally appeared on the Support4Change website, and is reposted here.

What can you do to gain the most from your experience of loss? Here are several ideas.

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Change from the attitude that you are a victim.

Years ago I attended an “est” seminar. While I wouldn’t recommend the program to anyone if it were still around today, there were a few lessons I found valuable. One of them came from a talk about being either the cause of your life or operating as though you have no choice other than being the effect of what others do to you. Without expanding that idea into a New Age “you-create-everything-in-life and you’re-responsible-for-all-your-pain” philosophy, you do hold the power to make a choice of how you respond to the situation in which you find yourself. Read More

A Book for a Blooper

April 4, 2012
Search for mistakes in the new Support4Change website and receive a book if you are one of the first five people to let me know where the errors are. 

Looking through a magnifying glassHow many times have you read a book by a respected author and discovered a spelling error? It isn’t surprising, because it is much too easy to overlook an error you can’t see because you are too close to it. Self-published book are the most likely to have errors. But even when not self-published (I have a publisher), the gremlins of bloopers, blunders, and foul-ups slip in unnoticed until the print is dry.

So today I am writing a brief post to introduce you to the revised Support4Change website and give you a chance to help me tidy up the spelling, grammar and links over there, on the website. I’ve been at this for eight months and I know there are mistakes I’ve overlooked. Of course, there may be mistakes here on the blog, but I am specially asking for help on the website.

Of course, I do have an ulterior motive for offering a print book for your sleuthing: I hope that when you see more of the site, you will find it so superior to the previous one that you will tell your friends.

The book I will give you is Ask Yourself Questions and Change Your Life, a component of the Set Goals With Confidence Program. Click on the title to read more about it. Use the comment section below, or the Contact Us form on the website.

Of course, I would love to hear glowing comments from you about the new format (honest, of course) as well as comments about mistakes you’ve found.

I expect to begin writing posts on a regular basis very soon. So come back to see what’s next.

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