Can You Unlearn How to Ride a Bicycle?

This video offers a thought provoking illustration of
what can happen when we change of our typical behaviors

You learned to ride a bike by moving the handle bars to the left in order to turn left and moving the handle bars to the right in order to turn right.

You will never forget how to ride a bike designed like that.

But what happens if someone redesigns a bike in such a way that the bicycle steers in the opposite direction of normal bikes; that is, you have to steer left to go right and right to go left? Read More

How Little of the World Any of Us Sees

Today’s featured video explores the concept of “onism”

If you’ve been following the blog the last month or so, you will have seen a couple of videos by John Koenig. He is the creator of “The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows,” a compendium of invented words to express something for which ordinary dictionaries don’t have a word.

The one I want to share today is “onism” — the awareness of how little of the world we will ever experience.

In explaining this, he says:

Imagine standing in front of the departures screen at an airport, flickering over with strange place names like other people’s passwords, each representing one more thing you’ll never get to see before you die — and all because, as the arrow on the map helpfully points out, you are here.

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Seen Any Aliens Lately?

On June 22, I told you about the Kurz Gesagt videos that combine science, minimalism, colors and music to tell stories.

The video of theirs that I share today uses the Fermi Paradox to explore why, with trillions of stars and even more planets, we may think that there should be aliens, but where are they? And is it possible that if we haven’t seen them, there probably aren’t any?

More importantly, what does this tell us about our own fate in this gigantic and scary universe? Read More

The Art of Dwelling on the Past

The past is all in how you look at it

In the post on June 1, in which I wrote about the speed with which life flies by all too quickly, I introduced you to John Koenig, who creates some of the most poetic and sensitive videos on topics we all experience — but often don’t have words to express.

Today the made-up word is “klexos” for the art of dwelling on the past. This is the approach to reviewing our lives in a way that contrasts to our normal tendency to ruminate about what might have been, should have been, or could have been. Read More

Why Nuclear Energy is Both Awesome and Terrible

These videos demonstrate the differing
perspectives of nuclear energy


Recently I came across some videos on YouTube that were delightful in both their design and their ability to communicate ideas. They were created by Kurz Gesagt (German for “in a nutshell”), which is a Munich-based design studio.

Founded in 2013 with a distinctive perspective on design and animation within the fields of education, science and commerce. They say on their website that they “want to make science look beautiful because science is beautiful.”

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