Little Plane, Big Forest

September 4, 2008
Looking down from our small plane we see our shadow over the forest below.

My Visual Viewpoint: Our Plane’s Shadow Approaching Milford Sound

Shadow of plane over rain forest
In Support4Change I have a section called Visual Viewpoints. In it I say:

Photographs always show different “viewpoints” based on where the photographer was standing and the subject she chose. You can tell something about a person by the pictures  she takes.  Don’t know what, exactly, my pictures say about me, but they offer you a glimpse into the kinds of things I am interested in capturing on film (well, on tiny digital memory cards anyway). See enough of my pictures and you’ll have a good glimpse into my personality.

This picture definitely tells you something about me: my love of flying.

When my friend Chris saw this picture, she shuddered. Flying in a small plane is definitely not her cup of tea. I, on the other hand, could fly every day. Not in those big, stuffed-in-your-seat jet planes that are needed to get us from the United States to New Zealand, but small planes like this one flying from Queenstown to Milford Sound. Spectacular views! I feel sorry for Chris, and anyone else who’s afraid to venture to fly in these small planes that give you views all around.

My husband has been fortunate several times to sit in the front with the pilot and he’s like a little boy who got the very thing for Christmas he’d wanted all year long.

I don’t imagine the stepping-into-pictures technique mentioned in A Picture That Invites You to Enter and Help in Letting Go With Peace would work particularly well here, especially for those who don’t love flying. So I’m unlikely to use this picture for that method of resolving problems. Besides, I’d imagine myself so excited about looking out the window that I won’t be interested in discussing a problem with anyone. I’d have to wait until the flight was over.